3 Fun Things to Do with Your Child

and Build Memories

So many dads want to have fun with their child – but they just can’t think of neat things to do.  Something that the child will really like.

I have three fun suggestions for you to try.  Each of these is “tried and proven” – both in my own experience with my 3 children when they were younger and from what I hear from other dads.

So give at least 1 or 2 of them a go.  And let me know how they worked.

#1.  Local “dates”

This should be a one-on-one outing with a child.  You can take them to a restaurant.  A sporting event.  To the park.

42% of children said they seldom or never do something special with their father that involves just the two of them  Make sure your child is not in that 42%.

#2  Family Reading Times

This is something that my three children really enjoyed.  We would gather together right after dinner and spend from 10 – 20 minutes reading a book together.

When your child is young, you can sit on the couch with your arm around them.  I have fond memories of my twin girls with an arm around each.  Such good snuggling time passes all too quickly.

There are so many great books today that children will enjoy.  The series of books that we read through twice is called The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  This is a series of 7 books about the magical land of Narnia and the adventures that 4 children have there.  The first time we read through the series, our girls were 5 and Eric was 8.  The second time, the girls were 11 and Eric 14.  They loved the series at both ages.

#3  “I’ll Give You Half a Day”

Here I want to encourage you to get radical and just tell your child, “I want to give you a half day with me.  YOU CHOOSE what you want to do.”

This is such a delight to so many kids because they are so used to their parents telling where they are going.  Here, you let the child choose something he or she really would enjoy doing with you.  With my son, it was exploring old wooden roller coasters when he was 13 and 14.

Through this, you are likely to discover your child’s interest area – and it is always good to explore a child’s interest area with them. I frequently look back fondly on those days of exploration and the many roller coaster rides.

Have Fun

Now you have some fun things to do with each child you have – activities that they will really enjoy.  And as you do them, you will be building memories.

Share with me and other dads what you did – or your own “most fun” activities you have already done – in the Comments section..  Together we can build quite a long list of fun activities.

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