Want to Transform Your Child’s Life?

Be a Great Dad

blog_imageThis is what your child desires more than anything!

To be a Great Dad—that is my passion and I want it to be yours as well.


Thoughts on Your Death Bed?

When you’re at death’s door, what will cross your mind? Your career successes and failures? Some long-ago sports victory or romantic conquest?  The cars and houses and computers you’re leaving behind? In other words, the “stuff” that seems so important now?

I don’t think so. I’ll bet you’ll ask yourself,

“Was I a Great Dad or not?”

Some dads don’t ask this question till they reach death’s door—till it’s too late. What I want—and the aim of this blog—is to help you ask this question right NOW. To help you commit to being a Great Dad starting today. To help you someday enjoy a deeply satisfying final thought: “I gave it my absolute best shot as a father.”

“Hold on. Does the world really need another blog?”

Yes – because this blog is quite unique.

First, it’s not about the author. It’s not about the organization.

It’s about YOU as a father. And it will

  • inspire you to be a Great Dad
  • show you how to be a Great Dad
  • help you experience the JOY of being a Great Dad

Second, it’s about you and a worldwide community of dads you’ll be part of.  Never in history–and nowhere else–have dads united together to learn from one another and inspire one another.

We’ll have an ongoing dialogue in the Comments section, and future posts will feature “Great Dads success stories” — hopefully yours.  And you’ll find it comforting to see you aren’t alone in the challenges you face.

“Sounds great, but who are you?”

I’m Bob Hamrin. I founded Great Dads in 1996 because I deeply felt every child should have what he or she most desires and needs—a Great Dad.

My heart broke—and spurred me to act—when I learned a shocking fact: 36 million children in America (half the children under 18) suffer from Father Absence—the lack of a father who is present in their lives in any meaningful way. I wanted to give those children the gift they most desired – the heart of their father turned to them.

My goal is to be your fathering coach. I want to inspire you and push you and cheer you on. I’ll offer practical tips from my own 36 years as a dad to three children.   I’ve been looking forward to launching this brand new website and blog for a long time—and now we’re off and running!

I want to help you get across the Great Dad goal line.  Your child is the winner.

This Will Be Fun, I Promise

This is not simply another item on your too long “to do” list.  Rather, you’ll have fun as you watch your child

  • experience a Great Dad’s unconditional love
  • create unforgettable memories with “my Great Dad!”
  • develop moral and spiritual values that come only from a Great Dad

“OK, let’s go! . . . But what do I do?”

If being a Great Dad every day sounds good to you

  • begin by finding out your Great Dad Score by taking the Great Dad quiz
  • get training as your next step (nearly 50,000 dads have enthusiastically received this life-transforming training)
  • look around the website and leave your feedback – what looks good? what should we add?
  • help other dads by sharing a Great Dad success story you may already have or a simple “dad tip” by leaving a Comment below
  • don’t miss a single tip or success story

Thrilled to have you on board.  Let’s build our community of dads together, one child’s love and transformed life at a time



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