Major Milestone

50,000 Dads Trained!

How cool is this?  Over Father’s Day weekend, Great Dads presented a seminar in which we trained our 50,000th dad.

Yes – we have now trained 50,000 dads in The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad.  The most exciting part of this is that in addition to the JOY this brings the father as he commits to – and practices being – a Great Dad to each child he has, the 125,000 children of these dads are incredibly blessed.

All children desire one thing – and they desire it deeply:  to have the heart of their father turned to them.  They simply want daddy’s love and care.

This is the incredible gift that 125,000 children have now received as their 50,000 dads have given them a lifelong Commitment Pledge to always love, encourage, and care for them.

Dad, you can give this same gift to each of your children by taking our 6 Basics video-based training available right on this website.  And when you sign up for the whole course, you can download a Commitment Pledge to give to each child.

So join us in celebrating the 50,000 dads whose lives and the lives of their children have been enriched greatly through learning and practicing The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad.  And join them so you can experience the full JOY of fathering and your child can receive your Commitment Pledge – a gift they will cherish all their life.

Some Key Thoughts for Father’s Day

Including Giving Your Child a Gift

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  This is a day when dads are celebrated — and rightly so IF we are being the dads that God would have us to be.

What is God’s vision for dads?  It is found in the final verse of the Old Testament where it says:  he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children.

That is what God desires – and it is what all children desire.

Yes, your child simply wants your heart turned to him or her.

When this happens, all kinds of neat things just fall into place.  You will know without deep thinking that your child is a top priority. You will want to spend time with your child.  You will want to show unconditional love.  You will want to communicate well with your child.

It is precisely this “turning of the dad’s heart” that our fatherhood training is al about.  This very weekend, our 50,000th dad will take the four hour live seminar on The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad.  I suggest you consider taking the training which is now available for the first time right on this totally new website.  It will be a terrific gift to each child you have.

Speaking of gifts, another gift which I know your child will love — because the 125,000 children of the dads we have trained have loved receiving it  — is a lifelong Commitment Pledge from dad to always love, encourage and care for them.  This Pledge is actually a tangible expression of you turning your heart to your child.  You can order a Commitment Pledge for each child for just $5 – a gift your child will cherish the rest of their life.

So have a terrific Father’s Day with your family.  And make it extra special for your children as you have it mark the beginning of your lifelong commitment to be a Great Dad to each child God has blessed you with.