Major Milestone

50,000 Dads Trained!

How cool is this?  Over Father’s Day weekend, Great Dads presented a seminar in which we trained our 50,000th dad.

Yes – we have now trained 50,000 dads in The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad.  The most exciting part of this is that in addition to the JOY this brings the father as he commits to – and practices being – a Great Dad to each child he has, the 125,000 children of these dads are incredibly blessed.

All children desire one thing – and they desire it deeply:  to have the heart of their father turned to them.  They simply want daddy’s love and care.

This is the incredible gift that 125,000 children have now received as their 50,000 dads have given them a lifelong Commitment Pledge to always love, encourage, and care for them.

Dad, you can give this same gift to each of your children by taking our 6 Basics video-based training available right on this website.  And when you sign up for the whole course, you can download a Commitment Pledge to give to each child.

So join us in celebrating the 50,000 dads whose lives and the lives of their children have been enriched greatly through learning and practicing The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad.  And join them so you can experience the full JOY of fathering and your child can receive your Commitment Pledge – a gift they will cherish all their life.

2 thoughts on “Major Milestone

  1. Congratulations, Bob! Wow. 50,000 dads. GDs is a remarkable ministry that’s now reached an unbelievable milestone. Just think of the thousands of children who are being blessed by great dads who have taken the 6 Basics seminar! Praise God!

    • Jerry,

      Thanks for your kind comment about our 50,000 dads milestone. And your faithful support of Great Dads through many years.

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