Tim Howard — “Where Are You Going?”

Hint: It's Not Disneyland but something much better


Tim Howard – no doubt about it – is the new sports superhero in the United States.  And very quickly, after all the quick recaps of his spectacular 16 saves in the World Cup game against Belgium, there was the inevitable talk of what multi-million dollar deals lay ahead.

BUT – Tim Howard’s mind was not focused on those deals — and certainly not smiling in a camera and saying he was now going to Disneyland.

No — Tim Howard’s focus was on being dad.  When asked his next move, his answer was a simple “back to Tennessee to hang out with the kids”.

That’s it? “Hang out with the kids”.

I love that.  Tim at age 35 and right in the midst of America’s adulation and fawning over him, has one simple desire:  to “hang out with the kids”

His kids are 8-year-old son, Jacob, and daughter Ali, 7.

Tim’s ex-wife Laura helped affirmed the close bond between Tim and his children.  “They are proud of their daddy, but at the same time do not comprehend how big the World Cup is or just how well their father played.  They just view him as an awesome dad that happens to play soccer.”

This close bond between dad and his kids did not make the headlines.  It did not even get a mention in most stories about Tim Howard.  But that’s the way the media is.

Fortunately, Tim has his priorities straight as a 35 year old dad — something many dads in their 50s and 60s desperately wish they had done.

When Tim is 65, he will cherish these times of “hanging out with the kids” when they were young a lot more than any multi-million deals.

Maybe you have your own “Tim Howard type of kids being a priority” story.  Please share it with the rest of us in Comments.

2 thoughts on “Tim Howard — “Where Are You Going?”

  1. Jared,

    I too had not heard of Tim. But he is a remarkable goalie – and father.
    Thanks for the article reference.

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