Family Vacations as Lifelong Memories for the Kids

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Every year when our children were very young, we tried to have a memorable family vacation. And you know what – IT WORKS!

Our children are all now in their mid-30s, and often when we get together, we talk about and relive some of the great family vacations of the long ago past. Stand out memories are of 3 weeks in California, exploring beaches, the Big Sur Coastline, and tall redwoods; a 2000 mile RV trip through the Southwest, with many terrific free base camping spots we discovered; a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe area of Northern Minnesota; a houseboat trip for 3 days on a large PA lake; and the 16 day trip for the kids to explore their ancestral roots in Sweden and Norway.

And here’s the really neat part – we just completed in June the “ultimate Hamrin family vacation” when we all went on an African safari together. To make it really special, we chose a 5 days mobile camping safari — just our family, a guide, cook, andIMG_0238 asst. camping in the midst of the animals. Each one of us said it was the best vacation we have ever had.

So I hope that whatever the ages of your children, you start thinking right now of some neat trip or trips you can take with them in coming years.

The memories – and the family bonding – are PRICELESS!

2 thoughts on “Family Vacations as Lifelong Memories for the Kids

  1. I totally agree. Frequently when we get together with our kids and grandkids we remember things we did together, like vacations. Really they are one of the highlights of our lives. We have an old cabin that we bought several years ago and a few time a year we retreat to it for some together time. What fun we have playing games, waterskiing, and doing exploring together. Building memories! Remember when ….. yea that was great fun … and when… ha ha. These memories bring great joy to us. We are about building memories – good ones! When our kids got older we took their friends with us and that spread the joy.

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