My Memorable Day with Dad

Here's Mine - What's Yours?

A memorable day with just dad – father and son.  When that thought came to my head, I realized that there were not many such days in my childhood.

But there was one set of days.  By “set”, I mean that there was one special day each year when my dad took me fishing.  The day came each spring when the lilacs bloomed.

And each of these days occurring over a number of years was most memorable.

We would arise in the very early morning darkness.  We would pack the trunk with the fishing gear and the all-important cooler filled with drinks and food – a lot of snack food.

We would then drive from the Chicago area to a lake in southern Wisconsin, get our row boat and row out to our spot and begin the long vigil.

I loved watching the red and white bobber, anticipating when it would all of a sudden plunge down and I could start pulling in the fish.  I also loved eating and drinking from the cooler, a frequent pastime in between the fish “bites”.

But most of all, I just loved being with my dad – for this one day when it was just father and son sharing a little travel and fishing adventure.

Nothing very dramatic, but this special day each year for many years still stands out vividly in my memory bank some 60 years later.

I’ve shared my memorable day(s) with dad – please let me and all the other dads who read this know what your memorable day with dad involved.  Just drop a few lines in the comment section – and enjoy the memory!

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