My Memorable Day with My Child

Here's Mine - What's Yours?

Red StreakerThinking about my most memorable day with one of my children was quite easy — as one stands out so clearly in my mind, 24 years later.

When my kids were younger, I always tried to identify what their “passion” was at any given time — and then pursue that passion with them.  Help them really live it.

So when my son Eric was 13, his passion was clearly roller coasters.  Especially wooden coasters – and the older the better.  So I set out to try to ride with him as many old classic wooden coasters as we could around the mid-Atlantic area.

The most memorable day amidst all these outings to ride the great ones involved a coaster that we did not even ride — we couldn’t because it had been long shut down.

But the thrill was in trying to find this abandoned small amusement park in a little village in Pennsylvania and then “getting in” and exploring this “ghost amusement park”.  Incredibly, ALL the rides were still there, intact – horses on the carousel, tickets at the ticket stands, bumper cars all askew, etc — just like people had been there the night before and then been instantly taken away.

The highlight for Eric was the coaster – called Red Streaker – because the little red coaster was sitting right there in the station, just like it was ready to take off (see picture above).  Eric climbed the first hill — a bit dangerous in hindsight, but such a thrill for him.

It was a magical day that will always stand out vividly in our memory (my 37 year old Eric just had a good time reliving this day with me as I was writing this post).

It would be great to hear about your memorable day with your child.  Please share it in the Comment area.

2 thoughts on “My Memorable Day with My Child

  1. Great reminder that the best inheritance we can leave to our children is the memory of time spent with them. As both a father and grandfather, I can affirm that the creation of “memories” is one of our most important roles of family leadership.

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