Three Word Bedtime Blessing for Your Child

A "Ritual" Well Worth Keeping

When my three kids were “under roof” in their younger years, I had a simple practice that I performed EVERY NIGHT at their bedtime.  I went in when they were in bed, gave my child a kiss on the forehead, and said “I love you”.

I wanted the last words they heard each day to be “I love you” from their dad.

Some nights, I forgot this and went to bed. But almost always, I realized I had forgotten to do this and pulled myself back out of bed, went downstairs, and performed the nightly blessing/ritual.  It was worth the effort.

Oh yes, I also did it when the kids were already asleep if I came home after they went to sleep.

I believe that each child you have will feel richly blessed as my children did by this simple bedtime blessing from dad.

Let me know if you have any other bedtime blessing that you give your child.

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