Keeping the Sizzle in Your Marriage

A Couple of Simple Ideas that Work!

In my 45 years of marriage, I have met too many couples that have lost all the sizzle in their marriage.  This does not have to be.

I want to share with you just a couple of things that Carol and I have done to keep that sizzle fresh through our many years.

The first is to tell your wife today:  “honey, I would like to have two dates with you over the next 2 weeks.  You plan one and I will plan the other”.

The second idea which definitely does wonders for the sizzle to is have “mini-escapes”.  These are simply 24 hour escapes to a nearby B&B or other favorite place to retreat to.  We usually left on a Friday around 5 and got back by 1 or 2 Saturday afternoon – with some friends watching our kids.  We usually went to a lovely and peaceful B&B just an hour away – but a world away from Washington DC.

We tried to do this quarterly.

Try out these two ideas.  They may just well put some real sizzle back into your marriage.

And let us know other ideas you have that have helped keep the sizzle in your marriage fresh.