Are You Really Living?

You Can -- In Fathering

All men die – few men ever really live! (from John Eldredge, Wild at Heart)

Stop and think about that. Think slowly and deeply so you make an honest assessment and hopefully a new or renewed commitment to “really live”. Eldredge talks about three desires written deeply inside each man’s heart: a desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. Let’s focus on the adventure to live.

That “adventure to live” can and should be found in your fathering. Where else do you face such profound and complex challenges – and such profound consequences in terms of the life each of your children will enjoy and the impact each will have on all other people they come into contact with?

Fathering is one area where you can find true greatness, for you are not only influencing the lives of your children but the hundreds and possibly thousands of people that each of them will influence in their lives. Through investing in the lives of your children, you can leave a mark on this world far beyond your wildest imagination.

That is an adventure to live. That is REALLY LIVING!

Who’s the President of Your Wife’s Fan Club?

And Does She Know?

I ask you this question because I sincerely hope that you can answer this quickly and easily – “why I am of course”!

I only wish this could be true for every husband who reads this.  But alas, many husbands have not taken up this role – certainly not as a permanent role.

I became President very early on in our marriage – and I knew all along how it delighted Carol.  In recent years, we often joke about it.  Just last month, I was with this foundation executive who was raving about Carol’s work on China over the years and how wonderful she was.  So I quickly and ever so gently reminded him that he could be VP but I am, and always will be, clearly the President.

Just something to think about.  And if you do see yourself as President, then please be sure to let your wife know this.

It’s a cool way to show your wife how much you admire and love her.

A Gift Every Child Loves

Choosing Their Half Day with Dad

Here’s an idea for spending time with your child that ALWAYS WORKS!  Simply tell your son or daughter that you want to give them a gift – a half day with you.

And then tell them “you choose what you would like to do”.

So often, dad or the parents tell the child where they are going together.  Sometimes this works – but often the child is not too thrilled.

But simply by giving the child she choice of what he or she would like to do with dad virtually guarantees success – perhaps even a memorable day.

Try it – you want to make it a habit.