Who’s the President of Your Wife’s Fan Club?

And Does She Know?

I ask you this question because I sincerely hope that you can answer this quickly and easily – “why I am of course”!

I only wish this could be true for every husband who reads this.  But alas, many husbands have not taken up this role – certainly not as a permanent role.

I became President very early on in our marriage – and I knew all along how it delighted Carol.  In recent years, we often joke about it.  Just last month, I was with this foundation executive who was raving about Carol’s work on China over the years and how wonderful she was.  So I quickly and ever so gently reminded him that he could be VP but I am, and always will be, clearly the President.

Just something to think about.  And if you do see yourself as President, then please be sure to let your wife know this.

It’s a cool way to show your wife how much you admire and love her.

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