Seize the Moment

Moments that "just happen"

So much of the joy of fathering comes in the little moments tucked into each and every day.

If you want to “seize the moment” with our child, you should adopt Helen Keller’s perspective of living: “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Then you will see each day as an opportunity for creative new ventures with your kids that will infuse them with an enthusiasm for life.

A hallmark of a dad who can seize many moments with his kids is spontaneity. I like a line from a Jackson Browne song that goes, “The times we were most happy were the times we never tried.”

Seized moments are like that—moments that just happen, often on a whim. We probably won’t know what to expect, but that’s half the fun.

To seize moments, you must be present focused. That allows you to see pockets of time with your kids that you can creatively fill. Though brief, the impact on your child can be huge. For as you fill each of these pockets of time with some fun activity or caring words, you are sending an unsaid but very clear “I love you” message to your child.

Got a fun example of when you “seized the moment” with your child?  Tell us about it.

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