Enjoy Every Day with Your Child

Each One is Too Valuable to Waste

I am departing radically today from my usual upbeat post where I share tips and ideas that will strengthen your relationship with your child and bring joy to you as dad.  I do this because I was shook to the core this morning by an article in today’s paper that described the suicide of a local 16 year old girl.

What was so shocking to me is that there were absolutely no warning signs – in fact, everything in her life appeared to be going well.  Just the kind of teen every father hopes and prays for.

“It’s like ‘Cara, why did you do this?  You were loved.  You had a great heart.’  This is the question we all have,” her father said.  “Her future looked so bright…She was intelligent.  She had great friends.  She was part of the church group.  She had loving parents and a loving family.  She was involved with team sports.  She was well-liked.  But nothing that we saw could have led to something like this.”

I share this story because I see it as a clarion wake-up call to ALL FATHERS – don’t assume that you will always have your child with you.  That “down the road” you can do good things as a dad — maybe when you finally have more time. When work isn’t soooo demanding on you.

No, the message for each dad should be:  enjoy each day with your child while you have it!.  Spend one-on-one time with them – the gift so many kids long for from their dad.  Tell your child every day “I love you” and show them your unconditional love.

Doing such things will brighten each day with your child.   And “way down the road”, you won’t have any guilt or regrets but instead will know that you have done what you could to be a great dad to your child.

May you be richly blessed with the joy that comes from giving your child what he/she so deeply desires – dad’s heart turned to them.


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