Who Is Raising Your Child?

Who really is?

Fact: the average American child spends 7.5 hours a day watching videos of various kinds. Fact: the average child spends less than one hour a day with dad.

Question dad: who is raising your child? Who really is?

One thing seems fairly certain. Children by default learn values today largely from the videos they watch – in essence, from the people in the entertainment world who are writing and producing the videos and video games.

Ask yourself: do these videos that your child watches show love, compassion, grace? It is little wonder that so many teens and young adults are longing and searching for these qualities in their lives.

Down through most of history, a child learned right from wrong primarily from their father’s training and instruction. This sense of right from wrong – values generally – are what will guide your child the rest of his/her life. Wouldn’t you want your child to have moral and spiritual values that you have imparted to them – rather than some entertainment writer/producer? If so, make the commitment today to start instilling these values in your child.

You can get a terrific jumpstart by taking our online training video Basic #5 right on this site which covers – Instilling Moral and Spiritual Values in Your Children.

And share with other dads how your child is doing in this area of daily video watching.

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