Your Fathering Legacy

NOTHING Is More Important

How much thought have you given to your fathering legacy? If you are like most men, probably not too much. I hadn’t until I was presented with this concept. Yet it is one of the most important matters each of us who are fathers will ever deal with.

Why is it so important? Because your fathering legacy lasts far after you are gone. Many generations are affected. Two Bible verses – Exodus 20: 5-6 – show that a father can send the darkness of sin down through the next four generations OR he can send the love of God down through a thousand generations.

But what if I am caught in the former cycle? What if my dad – and granddad – blew it bad? You can break the cycle. You can be the one to draw the line in the sand and declare, as one dad told me, “My message to my kids is I represent a transition generation. From this point on, our family legacy will change.”

I ask you to reflect on what fathering legacy you want to leave. I will then ask you to actually write it down in my next post – after I’ve shared a few more ideas about it.

Your reflection time can take into account the four things kids say they want in a fathering legacy:

  • values and faith
  • love and affection
  • good communication
  • a lifestyle worthy of emulation

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