Your Fathering Legacy – Part 3

An Awesome Responsibility - An Awesome Privilege

Yep – another post on establishing your fathering legacy.  I believe it is THAT IMPORTANT for you – and especially your children.  It cannot be missed.  Action by you must be taken.

In February, I wrote two posts about establishing your fathering legacy. I hope you gave them some serious thought and then wrote down, as I suggested, what you wanted to have as your fathering legacy.

This post is a new “call to arms” for those who did not see those previous posts, AND a serious challenge to those of you who did see them but did not act, to write down NOW what you want to leave as your fathering legacy. There is nothing more important in your role as a dad.

To gain some good perspective on this, just listen to Muhammad Ali. A sportswriter visited him on his farm in Michigan after he retired from boxing. Ali took him to his barn where all the sports mementos and awards were. Pictures of Ali at his prime had pigeon droppings on them, so he silently turned them around.

Then, gazing out the window, he overheard Ali whisper, “I had the world – and it was nothing.” Dad, that’s perspective. Ali had it all – fame, money, the whole works – but in the end it proved to be nothing.

What do you desire so greatly – what are striving to achieve someday? In the end, whatever it is will prove to be nothing.

As I said last month, invest your life in that which is eternal – your children are eternal. Your fathering legacy of values will impact not only the rest of their lives, but also the lives of your grandchildren, great grandchildren, and many more generations to come. What an awesome responsibility – what an awesome privilege!

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