The Five Needs Kids Want Parents to Fill

#1 - Love, Affection, and a Happy Home Life

In my last post, we saw that teens said they “need help” from their parents. So let’s go directly to teens to hear what they say they need from their parents. And these apply generally for ALL kids.

Teens in many surveys have made it clear that there are five clear-cut needs they want their parents to fill: (1) love, affection, and a happy home life; (2) rules/boundaries; (3) independence/being trusted; (4) patience and understanding; and (5) affirmation.

As we look at ways to meet each of these needs, remember that undergirding all our efforts as dads is the need for wisdom. Wisdom helps us to know when it is time to confront or hug, talk or act, listen or affirm. Ask God for that wisdom to respond as you should to your child or perhaps to back off and let Him take charge.

Today we’ll look at providing love and a happy home life. In coming weeks, # 2 – 5 will be explored.

What children want most – behind their rebellion, anger or sullenness – is love. So express your love to your child. And show your love by hugs, by spending time, and by listening well.

You can provide a happy home life by first remembering that it is built on a solid, stable, affectionate and fun-loving relationship with your wife. A happy home life is NOT possible for children who see their parents not getting along.

And remember that just living in a loving environment goes a long way in producing the character building and values formation that you would like to see in your kids.

What is the best way you have found to express love to your child?

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