The Importance of Good Communication with Your Child

The 5 Principles of Good Communication

Good communication with your child is very important. It promotes healthy self-esteem and good character building in your child. It profoundly affects a child’s ability to relate to and love others.

There is both good news and bad news regarding father-child communication. The good news is that surveys show that teens DO want to talk to their parents.

The bad news is found in a survey by Josh McDowell of 3,700 teens in evangelical churches:

  • 1 in 4 said they have never had a meaningful conversation with their father
  • 54% say they seldom or never talk with their father about their personal concerns

Want better communication with your child? Follow these five principles of good communication:

  • if it is not working, change it
  • let kids know you care
  • see life through your kids’ eyes
  • it takes time
  • look for the good times

Why not take some practical training in good communication in our Basic #3 video on this website.  The lifelong payoff between you and your child will be tremendous.






2 thoughts on “The Importance of Good Communication with Your Child

  1. Thankful for your serving by offering tools to encourage dads in their great role and the lifelong implications it truly has on kids, adult relationships and even how they view their Heavenly Father. Continued prayers for God’s hand on your ministry to reach more families including military and incarcerated.
    My friends, up here in Kalispell, MT shared about your ministry. Many more families could greatly benefit from your sessions!
    God bless, Shannon

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