Share with Your Kids — About YOU

It's Amazingly Critical

Finishing up last month’s post, the third element to practice of good communication is “share”. By this, I mean share yourself. This is a tough one for many men.

Here are some examples of what to share with your kids: your job, hopes, dreams, frustrations, issues of the day. AND mistakes you have made and the lessons learned from those mistakes. That is vital because by admitting our mistakes and failures to our children, we free them up to be less than perfect.

Let’s take this a bit deeper. Do you allow your family to share in your success AND failures? Often? Occasionally? Never?

Most important, your kids need to know how God provides for you, guides you, and empowers you. They should hear about God’s answers to your prayers.

If they DON’T hear this, they will naturally conclude, “Hey, God doesn’t seem to be very involved in my dad’s life, I guess He won’t be for me either”.

But if they DO hear how God is active in your life, then they will conclude, “Hey, I want God to work in my life like He works in my dad’s life”. YOU SHARING WITH YOUR KIDS IS THAT CRITICAL!