Values are #1

Our Kids Live in a Muddy World - Make Your Home High, Dry Ground

Values are #1. Why?

First, because kids care about them. One of the main cries of adolescents today is for their parents to provide them ethical and spiritual value systems to guide them. Second, they are good for kids. Robert Coles, a Christian psychologist at Harvard, concluded: “parents who want to give their children the best chance in life will give them a strong set of values.”

So what is the state of values today?

Youth today are following a very dangerous philosophy: post-modern relativism. This fancy term simply means that teens believe nobody can know for certain what truth is – 80% of teens believe this, whether they attend a Christ-centered church or not. In short, they believe that NO objective standard of truth exists.

This is patently false. There are objective standards of truth – if one believes in God and His word the Bible. For the Bible itself is truth. And in that book, in John 14:6, Jesus makes the remarkable statement: “I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life.”

Okay, but does this relativism make any difference in real life?

Well dad, how about these real world differences? When kids do not accept an objective standard of truth, they are:  2 times more likely to steal; 2 times more likely be lacking purpose; 3 times more likely to use illegal drugs; and 6 times more likely to attempt suicide.

Dad, we live in a muddy world. Values and beliefs and roles are no longer clean and clear. What children need is high dry ground on which to stand. Our homes can be such places.

The evidence is clear – if you as dad can help your kids develop solid convictions about truth, it will double or triple their chances of making moral choices in a very immoral world.