Seize the Moment With Your Child

Some Great Examples for You to Try

Back on Nov. 7, 2014, I encouraged each dad in my post to “seize the moment” with your child.  Here, almost 16 months later, are a few examples of how you can seize the moment with your child.

Sweep your young daughter up in your arms and dance around for a moment or two.

Sit down beside your child and ask him to tell you all about his latest “passion” – what he is really interested in.

Have a meal where everyone must eat with the “wrong” hand.

Wear yourself out wrestling with your kid on the family room floor.

Invite your child to help you plan a special surprise for Mom – a nice meal, a “Mom Appreciation Night”.

On a snow day, sled down the hill with your child. Or make snow ice cream.

Some evening, say to a child before bedtime, “come outside with me” and there have a tent set up for a night of camping under the stars.

When you have lots of “seized moments” like this with your child, it is quite likely the child will look back someday and say, “Dad was the guy who made life a lot of fun.”

Share a seized moment you have had with your child.



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