Does Your Child Feel Your Unconditional Love?

Learning about Fundamentals from Coach John Wooden

It’s pretty obvious that March Madness is upon us once again.  What better time to learn something critical about fathering from perhaps the greatest college basketball coach of al time – John Wooden.

The legendary basketball coach became legendary because teams under his leadership were so strikingly superior to other college teams. From 1970 – 1972, UCLA won 88 straight, and were national champions seven years in a row (1967-73).

The real reason John Wooden became legendary is because he stressed the proper execution of the fundamentals. When 15 former All-Americans arrived for the first practice, he went over and over how to properly put on socks and shoes – until everyone got it perfectly right.

In raising your child, you too must get the fundamentals right – really right! And the bottom line fundamental is unconditional love. This basic fundamental must be learned by daily repetition.

Roger Staubach, of Dallas Cowboy fame, hit it right on the head when he said: “I haven’t completely figured out being a parent by any means. The one thing I do know is that the bottom line is love—they have to know you love them.”

The key word here dad is know. Children must not only be loved by their parents, They must FEEL loved by their parents.

Does your child feel your unconditional love? [In my next post, we’ll look at exactly what unconditional love is]

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