How To Do Unconditional Love

Show (hugs) and Tell (say "I love you")

In the past two posts, we have looked at how we must strive for unconditional love that our children will feel and what unconditional love is. So how do we DO it?

We say it and we show it—daily!

Your child needs to hear “I love you” from you – preferably daily. One great practice is to say it to your child just before they go to sleep. Just think how wonderful it is for your child to hear “I love you” from their dad as the last thing they hear before going to sleep.

Saying I love you should be complemented with plenty of demonstrations of your love. You can spend time with your children, communicate well with them, or go out your way to help them.

But the most important and easiest way to show them in an ongoing way, hopefully daily, is to hug them. And dads of pre-teens and teens – remember to keep up the hugs, even if they shy away or say they don’t need it.

These hugs will do you some good as well—and while on the topic, don’t forget to hug your wife.

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