Be Specific in Prayers for Your Child — And Be Proactive

God's Answer Through Alpha

Last post, I related how I had prayed for my daughter for 10 years – wondering many times why God did not answer.

But I persevered in praying for what I felt was really needed for her to turn her heart back to God – that God would shower down His love upon her in such an unmistakable way that she would be overwhelmed with His love.

That is exactly what happened on Nov. 4, 2012 at a Holy Spirit retreat weekend of the Alpha program. She has been totally transformed ever since. So lesson #1 is BE SPECIFIC in your prayers.

Lesson #2 is BE PROACTIVE YOURSELF. In September 2012, I knew our church was going to begin an Alpha program for 10 weeks – and I knew it was a powerful, life transforming program for many people around the world.

But our daughter did NOT like our church at all, so it seemed “impossible” that she would ever go to that program at our church. Yet I felt moved to just gently suggest she think about the Alpha course.

And to my amazement, she was instantly interested. After the “showering of God’s love” experience, she went on to be an assistant leader in the next Alpha course and then was a co-leader in the following course.

So Lesson #3 is if you have an older child – over 15 – ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND AN ALPHA COURSE. Or perhaps you yourself may want to attend. It is powerful and life transforming.


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