Affirming Basic Moral Values

Children Want a Moral and Spiritual Foundation

“The best measure of growth for children, and the greatest contributor to growth by other measures, is the strength of the value system which guides them through life” (Joe Batten)

Today, I begin a set of posts regarding the fundamental importance of instilling moral and spiritual values in our children.

Most of the critical problems afflicting American youths today directly reflect a fundamental breakdown in a cohesive set of values and standards that give meaning, order, and basic dignity to life.

While that is a huge fundamental problem facing us as a society and as dads, there is good news. Kids want a moral and spiritual foundation.

“One of the main cries of adolescents today is for parents to provide them ethical and moral value systems to guide them” (Ross Campbell) Teenagers, he finds, express this in many ways: one wants a “standard to live by”; another desires “a meaning to life; others yearn for “something to show me how to live” or something to hold on to”.

So where does a child get this “something to show me how to live”? The answer is obvious: in the home.

Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of parents think that their most important job is passing on traditions, moral codes, and acquired knowledge—the fingerprints of civilization—to their children.

And guess where a child primarily learns to make choices of right and wrong: through a father’s training and instruction. [Next post: “dad’s powerful role” and how to fulfill it]

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