Affirming Basic Moral Values – Part 2

Dad's Powerful Role

In my second post on affirming moral values in your children, we’re going to focus on how fathers play a powerful role—either positively or negatively—in shaping children’s basic moral values. So how does a dad play a positive role?

First, recognize your governing values and those of your family. In terms of values, what does it mean to be a member of the your last name family? Your kids should always know what values your family stands for and represents.

We can teach and preach all we want, but if we aren’t living our values, our kids will see right through us. Indeed, if kids see a hypocritical split between our words and our actions, they are likely to ignore the well-meaning words.

Model your values. Live your values. The point cannot be stressed enough. It is the fundamental determinant of the types of values your children will hold and act upon as they grow up.

One writer said that a dad has a responsibility in providing his child an enormous life experience curriculum.

Here are just a few of the “courses of study” in which we are tutoring our children: how valuable I am, how to keep responsibilities, who you can trust, how needs are met, how a man and a woman relate to each other.

In my next post: the three fundamental moral values for children

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