Integrity/Goodness as First Moral Value for Children

Honesty and Goodness of Character

What are the basic moral values that dads should teach their children? Obviously, no standard list exists. Each dad, in conjunction with mom when possible, will develop his own list.

I can share with you the three fundamental moral values that I tried to instill in my children: integrity/goodness, caring for others/responsibility, and learning through failures/overcoming difficulties.

We’ll focus on the first one now and cover the last two in my next post.

One of my fondest hopes for my children is that each will always be a person of integrity—someone who is rooted in solid principles and will stick to them no matter what the circumstances or what the crowd says.

A key element of integrity is honesty—children who have a commitment to truth and strong consciences. One way to affirm honesty in your children is to always congratulate them for telling the truth, even when they are admitting misbehavior, and perhaps especially then.

Integrity is closely related to goodness. The goodness I am referring to is not goodness in the sense that children should be “good” and do as they are told. I mean goodness of character: an adherence to fundamental moral principles, a kind nature, a pure heart.


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