Affirming Basic Moral Values – Final 2 Values

Caring for Others and Learning from Failures

Today we will conclude our series of tips on instilling moral and spiritual values in your children by looking at the final two values that I sought to instill in my three children: caring for others/responsibility, and learning through failures/overcoming difficulties.

Our children—each mature human being—should have the capacity and the inner sense of responsibility to look beyond themselves and their needs and desires to meeting the real needs of others. That looking beyond should begin in the family where they recognize that the family needs them—that their contribution helps and strengthens the family.

Don’t stop at the home boundaries. Teach your children to reach out to others; help them to understand there is a world of suffering beyond your neighborhood and perhaps within your neighborhood as well. Assist in this by modeling caring and compassion for others yourself.   You will be very glad that you helped your children realize they can make a difference in the world.

Another value for children is their firm belief that although failures and difficulties are inevitable, they can learn form them and overcome them. How valuable for them to learn early on that life will at times be tough – even unfair – but that the critical ingredients for overcoming difficulties are perseverance and the proper attitude.

These two values, and last post’s integrity/goodness, are the three values I tried to instill in my children. You can pick and choose among these if you wish – or simply develop your own short list of the “must-have” values for your children.

You and your children will reap great benefits as they incorporate guiding values in their lives.



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