Expressing Thanks To Your Child

Could be Best Thanksgiving Ever

It is all too easy in our fast-paced world to not really think through what key holidays really mean.

For instance, Thanksigivng is tomorrow. “Ah” you think, “good turkey, lots of food, a football game, a day off, some out of town relatives.”

I invite you to just stop and think for a moment what you are really thankful for. For those of you who are married, I trust that your wife comes to mind right away. And right after her should be each child you have blessed with.

So why not do something very different this Thanksgiving. Why don’t you let each child you have know just how thankful you are for them.

Buy them a card. Or better yet – create your won Thanksgiving card – or Thanksgiving love note. Nothing fancy – just a few simple words to say, “I am so thankful today to have you as my son – my daughter.”

It could just be the best Thanksgiving ever – for you and for each of your children.


The Third Fundamental of a Long Obedience

In my last two posts, I mentioned to you that we as dads should exercise A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (title of a great book by Eugene Peterson).

I highlighted that this long obedience involved three fundamentals. The first two we looked at were showing unconditional love and practicing patience.

Today our focus in on perseverance.

The apostle Paul had these wise words to say: “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.” While not directed at dads per se, these are good words to guide us on the fathering journey.

Dad, striving to be a Great Dad will mean that you will encounter some “fights” along the way. These should involve issues that impact your child’s character and spiritual development – as these are what can strongly guide your child throughout their lives.

But notice Paul’s second phrase: “I have finished the race.” This “perseverance to the end” is extremely important in the fathering journey. Far too many dads give up somewhere in the middle of the race. They simply get too frustrated or discouraged to continue the race to the end.

You are going to be a father till your dying day. Be there – fully – for your child at your finish line.

You will then enjoy the deep satisfaction of KNOWING that you persevered through all the hard times, showing your child that you always loved them unconditionally and did your best to exercise patience until things did turn better.