Practice What You Know

It Will Pay Long-Run Dividends

In a national survey, fathers were shown 116 fathering practices and they judged four to be the most important: (1) showing affection, (2) being a good example, (3) exhibiting parental togetherness, and (4) being spiritually mature.

This shows the dads had great knowledge. They knew the critical factors in being a great dad.

The big problem came in the practice. These were the same four practices that the dads said they did least well in with their children.

Thus, these dads get an “A” for knowledge, an “F” for practice.

Dad, your kids deserve your DAILY PRACTICE of what you know:

  • show them affection,
  • be a good example,
  • exhibit parental togetherness
  • be spiritually mature.

Such daily practice will pay long-run dividends in their lives.


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