What Am I Doing Regarding My Child’s Spiritual Development?

The Answer Could Well Determine Your Child's Future

I want to ask you one of the most significant questions that you as a dad have to answer.

First, do a brief exercise. Look at each of your children in your mind’s eye. What do you see? You should see a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual being. As a dad, we should be concerned with how they develop in each area.

If you are the typical dad, you either have already poured — or will pour — dozens if not hundreds of hours into their intellectual development — helping them with homework, and those Science Fair projects, etc, etc.

Now, how many hours have you spent in helping them develop spiritually? Again, if you are the “average” dad and honest, the answer will be a big fat zero.

That is tragic. Far too many dads are busy building intellectual mansions on a foundation of emotional and spiritual quicksand. So when you send that “mansion” off to a great college, the problem is that with the first real crisis, that “mansion” – that son or daughter – could come crashing down.

So the BIG question is this: What as I doing – or what will I commit to do – regarding my child’s spiritual development? That could be the most significant question you ever ask – as the answer could well determine your child’s future.