Discipline Your Child Well

Just as Jesus "Disciplined" His Disciples

I have talked about the importance of demonstrating to your kids unconditional love. I have highlighted that one key way was to build them up and how fathers were absolutely critical to forming a child’s self-image.

Another significant way to demonstrate unconditional love is to discipline your children well. This sounds strange, but it is so true. Consider these two “shocker” statements.

  1. DISCIPLINE IS NOT NEGATIVE. It is quite positive. It is commonly thought that discipline means punishment. You can gain a whole new perspective on it when you learn that it comes from the same root as “to disciple”; thus it means to teach, to lead, and to love.
  2. KIDS WANT DISCIPLINE. Yes, kids do want it. You may say “not my child”. But surveys have shown – and kids have clearly expressed – that they want loving discipline from their parents. It shows them that their parents care.

So dad, discipline your children well – teach them, lead them, and love them just as Jesus “disciplined” his disciples in this way.