Partner with Mom

If Married, Tell Children there will be No Divorce

Whether you are married or no longer married, you need to partner well with the mother of your children. And if married, remember that parenting together is the ideal. Why?

It is what God wants. The Bible makes clear that it is God who designed marriage as the context in which children are to be conceived – AND RAISED.

It is what kids want. Surveys have shown that kids want two things: the unconditional love of their parents AND for their parents to stay together. Further, children say that one of their two top fears is “their family won’t stay together.”

So married dad, consider giving your child an absolutely marvelous gift. The gift is your child hearing from you that he or she need not fear divorce because divorce is not an option in your home.

Prayerfully consider this before telling them, because you had better be absolutely committed to fulfilling it. But if you can tell them that, it will give them a great ongoing sense of underlying peace that “I know my parents are going to stay together.”