Strong Support for Fathers

What Better Time Than at Christmas

I close each Great Dads seminar with a bad news/good news combo about being a Great Dad. The bad news is that Satan does not want you to be a Great Dad. He’ll fight you all the way. He wants you to fail as a role model. He loves dysfunctional families.

The good news – the incredibly good news – is that God DOES want you to be a Great Dad. And he stands ready to strongly support you.

Consider this verse: For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. (II Chronicles 16:9)

Doesn’t that sound great — to have God’s “strong support” as a dad? It’s available, but note the condition at the end of the verse: “those whose heart is completely his.” So the question becomes: Is your heart completely His?

What better time to make sure it is than at Christmas – the season we celebrate the coming to earth of God’s Son so that salvation may come to all people.

So if you would like God’s strong support to be a Great Dad – and to have Him as your daily guide in all of life’s journey and right into eternity – just tell Him now that you invite His Son Jesus in as Savior and you want your heart to be “completely His” – nothing standing between you and God.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Traditions are Wonderful

In America today, it really is getting hard to truly remember what Christmas is all about. The media makes it really rough – with its focus on Black Friday sales, so many shopping days left, playing all Christmas songs and virtually no carols, holiday parties and now even (by some) holiday trees). And any use of Xmas is a slap in God’s face.

You’ve heard it said, but I encourage you dad to truly keep Christ in Christmas in your family. The media may be strong – but you can be stronger in terms of influencing your son and/or daughter.

I offer you a few Christmas traditions to consider that our three children have loved for 37 years.

First, we have a short advent service at our home each of the four Sundays before Christmas. Early on, we started to invite friends to join us – and now we have anywhere between 4 to 22 friends with everyone enjoying celebrating Christ’s coming to earth.

The final advent service, on Christmas Eve, we have a birthday party for Jesus with our children and close friends. Everyone is encouraged to bring a gift – a poem, a song, a piece on the piano. The kids love it. The adults love it. We then go to a Christmas Eve service at our church.

Finally, just before going to bed on Christmas Eve, I gather the whole family together and read the Christmas story to them. (Luke 2: 1 – 20). Again, my children are all in their thirties now but they still look forward to this – it would not be Christmas Eve to them without their father’s reading of the Christmas story.

Choose whatever activity you like – but keep the focus on Christ during the Christmas season.