Strong Support for Fathers

What Better Time Than at Christmas

I close each Great Dads seminar with a bad news/good news combo about being a Great Dad. The bad news is that Satan does not want you to be a Great Dad. He’ll fight you all the way. He wants you to fail as a role model. He loves dysfunctional families.

The good news – the incredibly good news – is that God DOES want you to be a Great Dad. And he stands ready to strongly support you.

Consider this verse: For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. (II Chronicles 16:9)

Doesn’t that sound great — to have God’s “strong support” as a dad? It’s available, but note the condition at the end of the verse: “those whose heart is completely his.” So the question becomes: Is your heart completely His?

What better time to make sure it is than at Christmas – the season we celebrate the coming to earth of God’s Son so that salvation may come to all people.

So if you would like God’s strong support to be a Great Dad – and to have Him as your daily guide in all of life’s journey and right into eternity – just tell Him now that you invite His Son Jesus in as Savior and you want your heart to be “completely His” – nothing standing between you and God.

Have a blessed Christmas.

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