Dealing With a Rebellious Child

Getting at "Why" They are Rebelling

Do you have a rebellious teen? Or really a rebellious child of any age? Are you at wit’s end of how to deal with them?

If so, there are answers as to what you as dad should do and there is hope. The key insights I share in this post and my upcoming one come from an excellent book, Why Christian Kids Rebel by Tim Kimmel.

Key Insight #1: “Our children’s rebellion is not the problem. It is the symptom. Why they are rebelling is the problem.”

Let’s unpack the “why”. Tim does not mince words.

“The fear that drives the choices we make about how we church our kids, how we educate them, the fellowship we provide for them, and how we entertain them may well be why so many Christian kids want little to do with what we are selling…the artificial world in which we are trying to raise our children is tailor-made to create spiritual apathy at the core of their souls.”

Ouch! That’s hard to hear. But much more painful is to live with such “spiritual apathy at the core” of our child’s soul. So if you really want to address the matter, then look the matter straight in the eye and really take a hard look at whether Tim’s words apply to you.

We’ll get to Insights # 2 and 3  in my next post. I will close with hope-filled words from Tim.

“I’ve got good news. Some of the most powerful voices for God in history have been people who questioned their faith for a period of time {let that sink in please}. And in the process, they sowed some wild oats and wheat and barley. But they ultimately made it through to a period of total confidence. And just as He accomodated Thomas, so Jesus was glad to accommodate their concerns (and doubts). And so Jesus will be glad to accommodate your son’s – your daughter’s – concerns and doubts and welcome them home.”