A word from Dr. Bob

To jump start your journey down the Great Dad pathway, here’s a fact to chew on: If you spend one hour per week in one-on-one time with your child, the total amount of time you will have with that child by the time he or she leaves home at age 18 is 39 days — 39 days, Dad!

My desire is to be your personal fathering coach for these precious few “days”. You only have to choose to be part of the Great Dads team for me to have the privilege of coaching you. Though we are one of the most exciting, dynamic teams in America, there are no tryouts. All that’s needed is a desire on your part to be a Great Dad to your kids and a commitment to spend some time at it by learning the 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad and then putting them into play.

Like any good coach, I will always talk straight with you. We’ll go over the dos and the don’ts; we’ll go through the good times and the hard times together. A father’s road can be a very blessed one, but it is not an easy one.

Thus, some things that I’ll be saying will probably make you a feel a bit guilty, certainly challenge you, maybe even upset you. BUT what I share will also give you hope, inspire you, make you laugh, encourage you and most of all give you loads of practical suggestions about how to be a Great Dad.

Let’s not waste a minute of your precious 39 days as a father. I invite you to join me each week for the new Great Dad “Tip of the Week.” And join me each month in my column “Straight Talk for Dads” where I share with you my new thoughts on your journey as a Great Dad. This website will truly offer you all you need to know to be a Great Dad to your children — whether they’re 40 days old or 40 years old or somewhere in between. See this as your one stop shop for your own fathering journey.

But most importantly, put what you learn here into practice and experience the JOY of being a Great Dad as you give your kids the gift they most desire: their dad’s heart turned toward them.

In Christ’s Love,

Dr. Bob
Your Fathering Coach