Become an Associate

Great Dads is always looking for a few more good men. Our Associates are the frontline in the battle to reverse Father Absence and to see fathers – one by one – turn their hearts to their children.

Below is the Ministry Description of the Associate position which highlights the five criteria every Associate must meet and other details about the training that is involved.

One final thing – there is hardly anything more thrilling that to lead a seminar on the 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad and to see many dads turn their hearts to their children and sign the Commitment Pledges they will give each child.


Ministry Description

Associates are the heart of the Great Dads ministry. They lead the majority of the seminars offered around the country.

There are five criteria to be an Associate:
1. Is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ.
2. Has a passion for fathering — a deep desire to see the hearts of fathers turned to their children.
3. Is an excellent seminar leader.
4. Has raised one child who is at least 16 years old.
5. Is committed to initiating two seminar engagements each year.

To become an Associate, participation in a half-day training session and a seminar is required. The training session Agenda is:

Great Dads — The Vision, Mission, Need, and Goals
Seminar — Overview
Seminar — Tips for Effective Presentation
Seminar — Curriculum Walkthrough
Outreach — Basics and Strategy

At the conclusion of the training, the Associate signs a Letter of Agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both the Associate and Great Dads. After participating in a seminar, the candidate becomes a Certified Associate of Great Dads.

The main responsibilities of an Associate are:
1. Conduct two or more Great Dads seminars during each 12 month period.
2. Contact potential seminar hosts, with the goal of securing at least one seminar commitment a year.