Best-of-the-Best Books

The Dad Difference
Josh McDowell and Norm Wakefield, Here’s life Publishers, 1989

This book can help you instill moral values within your child and create a better environment for your child’s sexual wholeness. Specifically, it will help you: find out when to loosen the reins and when to clamp down, know how to make up for “lost time” with your child, and explore new ways of communicating with a teen who seems to be in another world.

Fathers Who Made a Difference
Dietrich Gruen, Broadman and Holman Publishers, 1995

If you think you’ve run into unique challenges as a father, take a look at what fathers faced in the Bible: defiant children, ungrateful relatives, dysfunctional blended families, sibling rivalry, and other family problems that haven’t changed much over the past few thousand years. This book profiles 15 biblical fathers, one each chapter, with contemporary commentary and a detailed series of questions and Bible references that encourages individual reflection. All of them teach a lesson to today’s fathers, particularly about the importance of looking to God for guidance in all things.

Fatherless America
David Blankenhorn, Basic Books, 1995

This is the book that first spotlighted the serious problem of Father Absence in America. This explosive book goes beyond documenting the effects of fatherlessness on individual families to show how the very ideal of fatherhood is under siege–with devastating consequences for society at large. Challenging the basic assumptions of opinion leaders in academia and in the media, this book turns the prevailing wisdom about fathering on its head. After offering an analysis of five “almost-fathers”, Blankenhorn explores the ideal of the Good Family Man and outlines a plan for rediscovering the goal of “a father for every child.”

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