Committed Great Dads

A community of Dads 100% committed to their kids – across America and around the world

Committed Great Dads is: A UNIQUE COMMUNITY

This is it! The spot – the only spot – where dads who are committed to be Great Dads to their kids come together to:

  • Learn from other dads
  • Have fun
  • Show the world there’s a large community of committed dads



  • discovering from other dads WHAT WORKS!
  • getting all kinds of tips you can put into action each day to better your relationship with your child—or to simply have more fun with your child
  • experiencing lifelong learning for each stage of your fathering journey


This community consists of dads 100% committed to their children and to becoming the Great Dad their child needs and deserves.

Thus, it is a membership community so that like-minded and committed dads can benefit from one another.

Simply join as a Committed Great Dads member and you will have full access to the Committed Great Dads community for a year.

As a Committed Great Dads member, you also have complete access to ALL of our 9 video training modules – take any or all of these powerful training videos covering The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad.

Learn from other dads for one full year and learn the best advice from the experts in our powerful training – all for one low fee of $40.

Once you see all the benefits of participating in the community, it is quite likely you will want to continue to be guided and encouraged along your Great Dad pathway in future years.  Annual renewal memberships are only $25—and you can become a lifetime member for just $100.

Committed Great Dads is a community of, by, and for the member dads.  You can help shape it, help grow it, help make it ever more effective.


You’re going to meet other dads facing the same challenges you do.

You’ll become friends with some of these dads.

As the community develops, we’ll develop child-age specific groups, such as dads of teens, dads of babies. etc.

We’ll also develop geographic groups so you can get to know who the committed dads are in your area—enabling close friendships and perhaps accountability partners to develop.


This community is too good not to share.

With something this good—this helpful—please help your friends who are dads benefit by sharing this community with them.

In doing so, you can help transform the lives of their children.  Your friend can become a Great Dad and his children will benefit the rest of their lives.

That’s a pretty powerful impact to have.  Be a GAME CHANGER for these children!

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Put it all together, and this community empowers fathers to be Great Dads.

Let it empower YOU!


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