Current Partners


1. Prison Fellowship – We are offering seminars to incarcerated fathers in conjunction with Prison Fellowship. These seminars began initially in 2002 through their Operation Starting Line program and area directors. Through year-end 2013, 690 seminars had been presented in prisons across America to over 24,000 incarcerated fathers.

2.  Great Dads China – A historic milestone was achieved in May 2013 when Chinese fathers received their first comprehensive fatherhood training in a Great Dads seminar.   In the first seven months, 8 additional seminars took place.  Greg Chen is our Associate heading up this critical outreach to Chinese dads.

3. MOPS Mothers of Preschoolers – MOPS helps moms across America in over 4000 local chapters be great moms to their children. Our plans are to help provide training for their husbands so they can be Great Dads to the children. Local chapters and/or the churches they are affiliated with are encouraged to host a Great Dads seminar.

4. Forgiven Ministries – This ministry presents in prisons across America One Day With God camps that unite fathers with their children for a fun-filled day. Great Dads partners with them by presenting our training seminar on the Friday before the Saturday camp so the dads have their hearts turned toward their children when they see them the following day.

5. Great Dads India – 60 seminars have been presented in India (year-end 2013) and 5 associates have been trained, led by Dr. Moa.

6. U.S. Army Family Chaplains – Since 2000, 26 of these chaplains have been trained as Great Dads associates. They have presented a number of Great Dads seminars across America and in Europe, Asia, Iraq, and on ships in the Mediterranean..