Dad Testimonials


“I want to applaud your efforts on behalf of the children of this nation and pray that you are able to reach many dads so that those children can know how special they are.” – Joe Gibbs

Exact words of dads who took our 6 Basics training when asked:
What would you say to another dad about this seminar?

“Go to the next one. It will change your life as a father and husband!”

“Definitely attend and practice everything.”

“The seminar is an important INVESTMENT in the life of your family.”

“The seminar is excellent. It speaks to the heart rather than to the head.”

“Don’t miss an opportunity to go if you ever have a chance.”

“Come, it will convict your heart.”


“GO! Waste no time in getting to the next session. Read Bob’s book.”

“Excellent use of a Saturday morning for my son’s future.”

“Awesome – a must see seminar for dads of every age & stage of life.”

“Go early in your parenting years.”

Transformed Lives of Fathers and their Children

When the seminar was over we all hugged and praised God for what we had learned together. As I traveled home, I continued to rejoice over how God had moved in my heart. I wanted to put these ideas into action. When I got home, I gave L’il Kevin the “love note” that I had written out in the Great Dads seminar. I was in my room changing my clothes, when all of a sudden he came running into the room. He began to hug me, but this hug was not like any he had given to me before. When I asked him what was wrong, he said “I love you daddy and thank you for the letter (love note).” We hugged each other for a few minutes and my eyes welled and tears began to run down my face (just as they are now). Then he asked me, can we please go to Kinko’s and have it laminated so he could put it up on his wall in his bedroom. It was a feeling and a moment that words cannot describe. I had never experienced this kind of feeling with my own father. Who would have thought that something as simple as a letter to my son, and the response I received that night, would make me feel such joy in my heart.

— Kevin Moore


As a child and young adult, I can never remember my father telling me he loved me or ever showing me any affection. Most of my adult life I dealt with a low self-esteem and depression as a result of the relationship with my father. I recently attended a Great Dads seminar. The seminar had a tremendous effect on me which is why I was able to go to my father and ask him why he treated me the way he did, and to tell him because of our relationship how much I resented him. As a result of our talk on Father’s Day, I now realize why my father is the way he is. Because of our talk, I now know we can go forward with our relationship knowing that I love my father and he loves me. After my conversation with my father, we all went to my sister’s house where I expressed my desire to be a better husband and father and made a commitment to my wife and children and also presented each child with commitment certificates. It was a tearful but very joyful moment. This seminar helped lift the burden I had been carrying all my life. The Great Dads seminar was one of the best things that ever happened in my life aside from getting saved, married and having children. I will always be forever grateful.

— Gary Sadler

My oldest son attended the Great Dads seminar in February also. It has greatly affected and infected his attitude with enthusiasm, and made his parenting skills more effective. So Great Dads has made a positive impact not only on my life, but my son’s, as our family’s Godly legacy continues on, just as the Bible says a Godly legacy will.

— Melvin Wills

The Great Dads seminar hit me right between the eyes with respect to basic number 4 on “spending time” as well as “partnering” with my wife. I renewed my commitment to be an encouragement and support to my wife as she was juggling all of her responsibilities. The seminar reinforced my support for her to become all that God wanted her to be.

— Mark Wiggins

My father was a great man and made such an indelible impression and impact on my life. He was the original great dad and he was the living embodiment of Basic #6 — Establish a Godly Fathering legacy. Now I get the blessed opportunity to carry on his legacy, his love, his gentleness, his compassion and his anointing to my generation and my children’s generation. The truth of what he has taught me will never die. That’s what a fathering legacy is all about. My three children will be direct benefactors of his great fathering legacy, as I follow his Godly example in my life.  

— Al Way

I’m incarcerated in a California State prison and had the luck to go to a Great Dads seminar. I want to say it was awesome and I learned a lot of tools to being a Great Dad. I have been in and out of prison since 1998 and I have not seen my two boys since 1999 while I was in prison and they came out here to me with our Grandma and my second wife. But I have not seen them since as they live in Pennsylvania with their mom and step dad. I just want to say that between Jesus Christ and this seminar, I have found my way back into my son’s life and have more tools to use to restore this broken relationship that drugs and I have caused. I know that I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me and with your program that Jesus Christ provided I will have a future as a Great Dad.

— Michael Miller

As I reflect on my learning after my most recent Great Dads seminar, my mind goes back to the excitement I shared with my wife of nearly eighteen years. I began telling her about the fathering training providing the necessary tools in becoming a Great Dad. I was expecting my wife to give some vitamin A for my ego. Instead, she asked a simple but heart riveting question, Can you attend a Great Husband seminar ? It was apparent that my real learning and putting into practice had to be in Basic 4, Partner With Mom. I had to admit that I falied in Being All That I Could Be to my wife. Then I began to apply some of my learning. Spending quality time with my wife became a higher priority. Simply put — I started dating my wife again. We shared several mini-escapes which put some sizzle back in the marriage. So here is my answer to my wife’s question, Honey, I did attend a Great Husband seminar when I attended the Great Dads seminar.

— Darryl Davis

As the father of a special needs child, it is extremely important to have accurate information. With a special needs child, there are a number of challenges that arise which the so called normal family may not have to face. In searching for this information to help my family, I forgot to help myself first, so I could help my family. The Great Dads Washington seminar given to the Male Caregiver Advocacy Support Group of the Hospital for Sick Children in Washington DC gave me the opportunity to focus on the most important part of my quest for information on becoming a great dad. Great Dads Washington showed me that if you concentrate on the small stuff — like talking with your kid, listening to your child, and just holding your child — you have taken the first steps of true fatherhood. This training showed me to develop a partnership with my child as well as the child’s mother — a partnership built on mutual respect and understanding. I also realized that you can make all the money in the world, but if you’re not emotionally connected and physically there for your child and your family, then you are just existing and not living the life God has intended for dads.

— Marty Clark