Our Experience with Dads


We began to train fathers in “The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad” in 1997.  This is a 4 hour live seminar that has been hosted primarily by churches, military bases, and prisons.

We have trained over 53,000 fathers in 45 states and 10 countries.  These fathers have ranged in age from 16 to 66 and span the full spectrum of dads in America — all ethnic groups, income classes, education levels, as well as married, divorced or step-dads.

The one thing these dads were united on is they all loved our training.  In every one of over 1,620 seminars, they always rated the training at the Excellent end of the 0 -10 scale on their evaluation sheets.  So we have very satisfied dads. (see Testimonials)

More importantly, we have dads whose lives have been transformed. Many have experienced the JOY of fathering for the first time.

Most importantly, so many of these dads have reported back how thrilled their children were to receive the lifelong Commitment Pledge from them.  133,000 children around the world have received the gift that many most desire in their life:  their father’s lifelong pledge to always love, encourage, and care for them.