Your Fathering Coach, Bob Hamrin


In each training video, your personal fathering coach will be Bob Hamrin, founder and President of Great Dads.  Bob has trained thousands of dads across America and Europe, is the author of a best-selling fathering book, and has been on over 80 television and radio shows speaking on fathering.

In each video, it’s just like Bob was sitting across from you in your home – sharing from his heart the best practices and principles for fathering.


Dr. Robert Hamrin is the founder and President of Great Dads. Bob finds deep joy and fulfillment in being a father to his three children. He is the author of Great Dads – building loving, lasting relationships with your kids.

Motivated by a desire to spread the joy of fathering to as many dads as possible and to help turn the hearts of fathers to their children, he has committed his efforts the past 18 years to helping dads become Great Dads..

Professional Experience:

Dr. Hamrin served as an independent economic/business consultant, author and speaker from 1983-96. He has been a consultant to the World Bank, the National Association of Manufacturers, and a host of other corporations and organizations in the business, labor, environmental, media and government sectors. Before establishing his consulting practice, he served as a staff economist for the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, a Presidential Commission, and a U.S. Senator/Presidential candidate.  He is the author of seven books,

Personal Life – Family Man and Men’s Leader

Though his professional work offered him considerable challenge and satisfaction, he always found much deeper joy and fulfillment in being a father. He has worked with and led men in a variety of settings: co-leading a weekly men’s luncheon group for over ten years, counseling individually with men as to their role as husband and father, serving as a Deacon of Men’s Ministries at his church, coaching basketball for 8 years, and founding and leading a Christian Economists’ Group in Washington, DC.

He has been married to Carol for 46 years, they live in Clifton, VA, and have three children in their thirites — Eric, Krista, and Kira.