Your Greatest Challenge

What do dads across America say is the greatest obstacle they face in being a Great Dad to their children?

We have asked that very question to over 21,000 dads who have attended our seminars. Their responses are quite revealing.

In some ways, it all comes down to two top reasons expressed in two short words: TIME and ME. You can see the details of the responses below.


#1 -Time
finding time
using time wisely/quality time
busyness, both kids’ and parents’
hard to find time for each child individually
not a good time manager

#2 – Work/family balance
work vs. home life
pressures to provide for family, money
my own career and economic dreams and hopes
having to travel, be away

#3 – Personal flaws
me, myself
negative disposition
not accepting kids as they are / forgiving
tough to give unconditional love and attention
difficulty in being real/showing emotions to kids
own personality faults that need overcoming
hard to deny self
too critical
being real

#4 – Impatience

#5 – Poor Communication
communicating effectively with family members
getting close to children
difficulty in sharing true feelings

#6 – Wife
acting with unity/coordinating with
of different religions
divorce from
in general

#7 – Personal faith challenges
poor relationship with God
not being Christ-centered
not knowing the Bible
need more prayer alone/with wife/with whole family together
afraid to share faith
difficult to forgive

#8 – Fear/lack of confidence
of failing
of being inadequate
of various things/general anxiety

#9 – Their dad not a good model
own fathers not provide a good role model to follow

#10 – Selfishness
being selfish in general
wanting time for self (read paper etc)

The dads also cited a number of other obstacles that help keep them from being the Great Dad they would like to be. These are presented in no particular order.

Special Family Problems
dealing with a past/pending divorce,
a blended family – (reaching step-children, separation from one’s own kids)
single dads, one income
rebellious children/family crises
adult children/feeling that it’s “too late”
being a stay-at-home dad

Priorities out of whack
put family first, not work
so many distractions
need to get focused
procrastinate on what’s important

controlling / getting rid of anger and resentment
(toward a spouse/child for whatever reason)

Not setting a good example/being a leader
being a godly example
leadership–instilling values/morals/ethics in kids
transmitting beliefs
poor past performance/not a good example to kids by actions

Slow to take action
fight laziness and procrastination
make changes now, do it!
too tired/exhausted for family

inexperience with being a father
not know what to do in various things/situations
don’t know HOW (specifically) to go about doing things
HOW to apply principles to the “real world”

Keeping Commitments
making time commitments to family
staying committed to changing
be responsible

being consistent with the children

Worldly Influence
kids looking to media/peers/other role models

what to do, when to do it

Feeling alone
feel that I am on my own without help
in need of other godly fathers for support