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Our training course is “The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad”.  It is “proven effective”, having been taught in live seminars for 18 years by over 100 certified trainers in 45 states and ten countries to 52,000+ fathers.  The dads — married and single — are of all ages, races, and income classes.

These dads have loved it AND they have helped strengthen it into the most powerful and effective training available today to fathers.  See the PREVIEW VIDEO.

1. The Whole Course

This is the best way if you are really serious about being a Great Dad.  Each one of the 6 Basics is covered in a 14-30 minute video.  There is also an Intro video, a Commitment video, and an optional “bonus” video, available ONLY when taking the whole course.

The cost of the whole 6 Basics course is just $30.  This is a sizable savings over taking individual training modules (you get 8 training modules — $80 value — for the price of 3).

PLUS — you will be able to download a Commitment Pledge for you to give each child – something they will treasure now and all through their life.

2.  Individual training modules

Perhaps you face 1 or 2 key fathering challenges you want help on.  Solutions you can apply right away.

Maybe your challenge is T-I-M-E   You’ll find the solutions in the Basic #2 training module.

Maybe your challenge is “me”.  Then you’ll find the solutions in the Basic #5 training module.

The low cost for each video training module is just $10.  Imagine—just $10 can help you find that elusive healthy family/work balance or help you get your act together as a dad.

See description of training modules >

With either the whole course or individual training modules, our training will cut years off your learning curve.

Experience A Better Relationship with Your Child and the Joy of Fathering!