Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I just want to invest a few hours in becoming a Great Dad, what would be the best use of my time?

The most effective use of your time would be to take The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad training – either on our website or order the Personal Great Dad Kit.  You need to develop your own personally authored Action Plan for Being a Great Dad which will then serve as your practical guide for the rest of your fathering journey. Also, your children will be thrilled when they receive from you the Commitment Pledge that you will always love, encourage and care for them.

2. How does Great Dads’ fatherhood training differ from that offered by other nonprofits?

Great Dads has 3 key distinctives:

1.  Heart knowledge is the essence of our training

2. The lifelong Commitment Pledge a father gives each child

3. The Action Plan for Being a Great Dad that each dad develops

3. Is Great Dads a nonprofit – and what are the training fees used for?

Yes, Great Dads is a nonprofit incorporated in Virginia in 1996.  All the funds Great Dads receives are used to further its vision to encourage fathers to turn their hearts to their children.  Where the funds are especially needed and used is to keep the strong momentum going to train fathers in prisons, homeless shelters, and in inner cities across America.  We train over 2000 fathers each year in prisons. These seminar trainings are offered free of charge, so they need to be fully supported.

The benefits from training these dads are invaluable. For example, the ultimate beneficiaries of the training of incarcerated dads are their children.  With their father’s heart turned to them, these children – who otherwise are 6 times more likely to land in prison some day – are very likely to stay out of prison and lead productive lives.