Resources for You


I can confidently recommend the books below to you because I have read most of them. I find that each one offers very helpful, practical tips and often principles that will help you become a Great Dad.  Some are “old”, but their wisdom remains powerful – and will for some time to come.  Some are directed to dads.  Some are about parenting generally.

They have been chosen to cover the needs ands challenges of dads in all stages and facets of the fathering journey:

  • Dads of teens
  • Dads of toddlers
  • Step-dads
  • Dads with sons
  • Dads with daughters
  • And many more.

I start with my own Top 10 list – those books that I found absolutely fascinating and extremely helpful.  But there are many books listed beyond the first 10.

So choose the ones you feel best address your circumstances and current challenges.  Then apply what you learn and you – AND your son and/or daughter — will be glad you did.

Bob Hamrin

TOP 10


Great Dads:  building loving, lasting relationships with your kids   Robert Hamrin

Hey – what did you expect?  An author to not cite his own book?  But really, being as objective as I can be, I do sincerely believe that this book presents the fundamental basics of being a Great Dad.  How do I know this?  Because these basics come from the five ultimate sources on what makes a Great Dad:  the Bible, children, dads, moms, and the experts.  AND so many of the thousands of dads who have read the book testify that it helped them very much with their struggles.

What Kids Need Most in a Dad   Tim Hansel

Tim is very real in addressing the needs of dads.  Consider these chapter titles:  “Do You Really like Being a Dad”, “Do You Try to See Them Real?”, “Are You Willing to Risk It?”  The jacket cover is right on when it says “This is not a ‘normal’ book on parenting.  It admits struggle—but never defeat.”

The Father Connection   Josh McDowell

There may be nobody alive today who knows more about youth and what they need from a dad than Josh McDowell.  Josh has been speaking to and with youth for nearly 40 years – literally millions of youth.  Josh says:  “As a young father, I was running scared.  I knew there were no guarantees, but I figured if I could find the ultimate model of fatherhood and then emulate that model, I had a fighting chance.”  In this book, Josh shares ten qualities he eventually discovered from the ultimate model of fatherhood.  Practice these to produce the important qualities you desire in your children.

Things We Wish We Had Said   Tony and Bart Campolo

Tony is your classic “straight up” guy.  He always “tells it like it is”.  Here he takes the reader on a unique look at fatherhood by holding a dialogue through alternating chapters with his grown son Bart.  You gain keen insights through these reflections of vital aspects of the father-son relationship.  Starting with the idea that each failed at some point to communicate with the other, Tony and Bart Campolo go on to illumine some of the universal and poignant characteristics of the father-son relationship.

Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl:  The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women   Jonetta Barras

Fathers fashion their daughters as expertly and as powerfully as they do their sons.  When a girl does not have the love of her father, she grows up with an ache that nothing else can soothe.  “Like someone diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes, the pain of fatherlessness is constant…”  If you have a daughter and want to really understand the power you have on her life – for good or ill – then read this book.

The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers   Ken Canfield

Written by a pioneer in the fathering field, this book shares “secrets” gleaned from ordinary dads who are considered to be particularly effective fathers.  If you like advice well-grounded in fact, then this book is for you as Ken is the consummate researcher in the field of fathering.  These 7 secrets clearly communicate what works.


HELP! I’m Raising My Children Alone   T.D. Jakes

Anyone who has heard Pastor Jakes’ powerful preaching knows he pulls no punches.  As he says, “Isn’t it time that you realize how God is with you—even in the nightmares of your life?”  Chapter titles include, “Shattered Dreams”, “Use the Past to Fertilize the Future”, and “Never Alone”.

The 3000-Year-Old Guide to Parenting  Wes Haystead

As a parent today, you should not rely solely on another writer’s opinion on how you should raise your children.  Whet you need is advice that has stood the test of millenniums.  This is the wisdom contained in the book of Proverbs, written by King Solomon, the wisest man of the Bible. Understanding Solomon’s memorable sayings will help you build positive and lasting values and identify and true goal of life and parenting.

The Strong Family   Chuck Swindoll

Chuck is a very wise man – and he sets out to address the question of what it is going to take to build a family that stays together and grows together.  Wisdom – unfailing, timeless counsel form the Bible.  It is such wisdom that equips us for the challenges of daily living as well as the inevitable storms.  Chuck shows in each chapter how wisdom can fill the rooms of your home with love, laughter, mutual respect…and a treasure chest of memories.

Raising Responsible Kids   10 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Child for A Lifetime of Independence   Jay Kesler

Do you want to build responsible independence in your child?  Jay helps you do just that.  His ten lessons comprise a strategy designed to help you help your kids become responsible adults.  No matter how young your child may be, you can begin to learn now how to confidently lengthen and ultimately release the rope of independence.


Wisdom of our Fathers:  Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons   Tim Russert

What a Difference a Daddy Makes:  The Indelible Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life    Kevin Leman

For Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven   Ron Rand

To Be a Father Like the Father    Michael Phillips

Lessons from a Father to His Son   John Ashcroft