What Works

Making memories…
Written by Joel Stafford (02/28/2000)

The very first Great Dads seminar had an immediate impact on me. The seminar was held on a Saturday morning, and I had intended to go into work for a few hours afterwards to catch up on some “hot issues”. The seminar was terrific. Although it was only a few hours in length, it delivered a tremendous amount of priceless information.

My mind was racing with all of the memory-making ideas that were shared by Bob (Dr. Bob Hamrin) and others. I walked out of the seminar with a stronger desire to be a Great Dad. The last thing I wanted to do was go to work.

I can recall looking at my briefcase in the backseat of my car as I drove past the exit to my office. I called my wife to let her know I wasn’t going into work, but that I wanted to go on an afternoon trip with her and our five-year old daughter. She agreed, and as soon as I got home we were off to the Catoctin Zoo. We had a great time there watching the bear, feeding the goats, and petting the llamas. We then stopped by The Cozy for a great buffet dinner. My daughter remarked as we were walking out of the restaurant, “Daddy this was fun, are we on vacation?”

We did have a great afternoon. It made a memory for us. I can’t remember the “hot issues” that I would have worked on that afternoon, but I’ll always remember our little day trip.